Yli koululiikuntakammon – Overcoming bad gym class experiences

Yli koululiikuntakammon – Overcoming bad gym class experiences

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Luin The New York Timesin artikkelin tutkimuksesta, jossa tutkittiin koululiikunnan vaikutuksia käsitykseen liikunnan harrastamisesta tänä päivänä. Tulokset eivät olleet yllättäviä ja olen päivittäin tekemisissä näiden asioiden kanssa valmennustyössäni 



I read about a study from The New York Times magazine, which was about the past physical education classes and its impact on how people feel about exercising today. The findings weren’t surprising as I’m dealing with these topics daily in my job as coach. These studies are important for understanding why people think the way they do and how to change people’s minds about exercising in the future. The significant findings were that the past gym classes had an impact on how people think about exercising today. If we want people to be more active, we have to understand the reasons behind being sedentary and what are the challenges we may face before we are able change these attitudes.

I see many adults who are afraid of starting a new sport. People tend to have so many limiting beliefs. I’m not good enough, I’m clumsy and because I couldn’t do this when I was in school, I cannot do it now either. If you’ve been chosen last to a sport team or you’ve been insulted by classmates or a teacher, it’s not a surprise that memories aren’t flattering.  People stick to their beliefs and their fear is real.

My mission in coaching is to change these attitudes towards exercising. The most rewarding moment is when I can prove that people’s self-beliefs are wrong and to see their smiling faces: ‘’I did it!’’ I’m sure that these people are the most committed ones because you’ve been able to change beliefs that have been their truth for decades.

I think that the people who work in the sport and coaching field have a big role in the change. To encourage people to cross their boundaries and to have the mindset that it’s never too late at least to try. To emphasize that failing is part of the learning process and it’s not embarrassing or a bad thing. Every athlete has failed during their career. It’s totally normal and to understand the fact that you are not your past experiences. When I’m coaching classes I’ve noticed how important it is to encourage especially the beginners. I’ve been lucky to be able to work with smart clients who are helping the beginners if I’m busy during the class. When I can give the sense of belonging to someone, my mission is completed.  To feel the sense of belonging engages and brings people together.

If you have even a small feeling or thought of starting a new sport or learning a skill that you’ve never tried since your childhood, I challenge you to be brave and try. It can be lifechanging. We need these positive memories and experiences to make the change.

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