My methods: Motivation, Balance, Action & Results

My methods: Motivation, Balance, Action & Results

Nora Yrjölä personal training methods are built with four important words: motivation, balance, action and results. You have to have motivation, balance and the right action to get results. Life isn’t always predictable. You will have different occasions where you cannot stick on your diet or training plan. As long as you live precisely 80% your life, then 20% can be something else.

Motivation is the key to get results. One of the most powerful motivational tools is the ability to visualize your goal or dream. Motivation is a personal thing and is most powerful when it flows straight from your heart. What can you do with your goals today that will make looking back to today feel really different and really satisfying? The goal can be just to find some balance to your daily schedule or to have a precise nutrition plan. You decide yourself, what is your goal.

Life is all about balance. To achieve the perfect health is to find the right balance between normal life, exercise and nutrition. Setting lifetime and realistic goals gives you the overall perspective that shapes all other aspects of your decision making.

To achieve a healthy body and mind is a combination of a personalized nutrition plan and exercises which will lead you to a better overall health and body control. The best training methods are bodyweight exercises and movement which will challenge your whole body at the same time. When you think about the perfect nutrition plan, think about a diet that you could follow the rest of your life.

Working toward goals can give you a sense of purpose, and reaching them boosts your self-confidence. The results cannot be the only reason to have the motivation or to make efforts. You must think about the project as a lifelong process. Don’t set yourself up for failure by letting your goals get bigger than your abilities. Make sure they’re attainable. Maintain your focus, and you’ll achieve it.


  1. Hei, otatko tällä hetkellä uusia valmennettavia? Tavoitteenani olisi saada tasapaino treenaamisen ja syömisen välille. Sinällään olen normaalipainoinen, mutta jonkunlainen kierre aerobisen ja syömisen välillä on, ja tähän tarvitsisin apua.


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